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Senior Courses

It is never too late to learn what you have dreamed of. At GoTalkTo, our senior citizens from around the world are important and we prepare not only customized classes but trips to specific countries where they can apply what they have learned and meet other people their age that share their same interests. 

Second Languages - Learning a new language can be stressful for anyone. Our teachers are specialized to mentor and nurture your mind for you to learn a second language just like a native-born speaker!

Also, our immersion trips for 2022 are already opened for registration. You can visit Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Italy, France, Israel, Mexico, or Peru and practice the second language of your choice. 








Courses and Seminars - These specialized senior classes are tailored to help you gain independence and stay up-to-date on the world around you. Take classes on computer literacy, scam awareness, how to use social media, Senior care, and wellness. We will help you get involved with the outside world!

    • Computer Literacy (How to use a computer)
    • Microsoft Workshop
    • Technology Seminars 
    • Scam Awareness Seminars
    • Social media
    • Senior Fitness

Cooking Academy - Our teachers can teach you how to prepare different dishes from around the world and you will also learn about superfoods that will keep you healthy and strong.

Music Academy - It's time to learn that instrument that you always dreamed of. Guitar, trumpet, drums, singing... we are here for you and we will help you achieve your dream. 

Fitness for Seniors - Eating healthy is important, but doing exercise is the perfect complement for a long happy life. Our coaches teach:

  • Zumba
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Dance classes
  • And more!



You can learn various disciplines, such as languages, cooking, meditation, music, and other personal development techniques.

We have experts with years of experience in each subject: qualified teachers, chefs, psychologists, musicians...

Fast and easy courses that you can buy online and download into your computer and watch at your own pace and space. 

Special Courses

I am the mother of three home-school children and wanted them to have more exposure to the Spanish language but also the culture. Becky created individualized plans for each of my children based on their interests. I cannot explain how special this is. My children were excited to learn and looked forward to their online classes with her. My children participated in cooking classes, social groups with children from Costa Rica, and learned how to make organic and fresh dog biscuits(my daughter’s interest). They developed a level of fluency where they could have conversations in Spanish. I highly recommend this program...


... I have been taking classes with Giselle for about 3 years now…. and never plan to stop. She is the type of teacher that takes your Spanish to new levels year after year. Her personality is so enjoyable that I definitely consider her a true friend as well as a teacher. This makes the learning environment easier and the learning more comfortable. Each year, due to these attributes, I have increased my frequency of classes to the point were I now take classes Monday-Friday. She completely took the “work” out of learning a language. I appreciate her and hope that the other teachers follow her example…

… This has been a fantastic resource for learning and practicing Spanish for my two children, ages 11 and 13. It allows them to learn Spanish from a variety of native speakers and at times that are convenient for us. We have used several tutors and they all have been enthusiastic and engaging. They are flexible on how you want to be taught and will work on conversational Spanish or use online textbooks and exercises to focus on grammar and vocabulary. They will also give you homework if you would like. Classes are easy to book and easy to cancel at exceptional prices. The bios of each teacher and their country of origins and areas of expertise are very helpful when choosing a teacher…

… Wonderful trip, wonderful experience. Spanish all the time in one of everyone’s favorite counties in the Spanish speaking world. It’s a guided trip to some of the best spots in Costa Rica with local guides. A great mixture of classes, exercises and conversation. You get to talk about what you’ve been doing and seeing. You will learn what “Pura Vida” really means and why it’s not just a slogan to promote tourism. Costa Ricans, “Ticos”, are really proud of their country. They are truly friendly and helpful to all. And you get to meet them. The trip visits different parts of the country for both natural and cultural attractions. All the planning is done for you, accommodations are excellent and everything runs smoothly. One of the surprises of the trip was the food. Costa Rica has its own cuisine which is very good, very healthy and very tasty. I can’t think of a better way to learn Spanish and to experience the country of Costa Rica with the best Spanish teachers you’ll ever have!…

…We have worked with this program for over 10 years and they are just amazing!Administration is always on top of things making sure that the students receive the best possible service. They are flexible with the schedules, prices are great and the teachers are very reliable and professional. I use them form additional English and Math tutoring for math 3rd and 6th graders. I know that my kids will benefit from this program for a long time. I strongly recommend it!…

…We have used this site for Mandarin classes for our 3 years old and it has been a blast. Very convenient to schedule sessions online from anywhere. The administration is always kind and respectful. The teacher is always punctual and fun. We love this program…