The use of this site and the reservation of classes with us are covered by the following Terms and Conditions ● We guarantee to return 90% of your money if after your first three classes with three different teachers you are not completely satisfied. However, you must take those first three classes within a period of one month from the time of purchase to qualify for a partial refund. If you take additional classes or all three classes with the same teacher, we will understand that you are comfortable with our program and other options will be available in the event you are not satisfied with subsequent classes. The refund of cash is not an option after three classes received. However, if you express that you are not satisfied before or right after you have completed your third class following the previous protocol, we will refund 90% of your money. ● Credits for classes which are not used for a period of 18 months will be eliminated and your account will become inactive. We do not provide cash reimbursement for unused  credits. This includes, for example, classes purchased, but not used for 18 months,  which will expire 18 months after the purchase date or 18 months from the last day you used the last credit in your account. ● When you buy a credit for language classes, you are buying a 55 or 30 minute credit  A 55 minute credit can be used to purchase either two 30 minute classes or one 55 minute class.  A 30 minute credit can either be used for a 30 minute class or two 30 minute credits can be combined  to purchase one 55 minute class. The credits cannot be used other than  described above. ● The trial class is valid for  one  30-minute class. If after taking the trial class you are not satisfied or have questions about the program, please contact us as soon as possible at ● GOTALKTO, LLC reserves the right to cancel classes due to natural emergencies, such as earthquakes, power  outages, storms, internet outages and server repairs, etc. which can interfere with connectivity to offer you the best classes. In this case, your account will be credited (the credit of that class will be returned to you) so that you can use that credit in a future class. Many of our teachers are located in different parts of the world where natural disasters are common. We strive to have other teachers available 24/7 so you can take the class at the time and date that is most convenient for you but this cannot be guaranteed. There are  often different options to make sure your classes are not interrupted. In the event of interruption, please send a message via chat box in our website or email us ● We reserve the right to change your selected teacher  at our sole discretion. We maintain strict standards of professionalism, punctuality and academic results. In order to maintain those standards, sometimes it is necessary to make changes  in curriculum and staffing. ● You can change your teacher for any reason, in that case, we only ask you to cancel your existing reservation in advance with your previous teacher before booking your class with your new teacher. ● Our policy (for you and / or our teachers) is to cancel the class at least 8 hours in advance. If you cannot meet this deadline due to an emergency, you should contact your teacher and / or the program director.  We will consider the circumstances surrounding your case individually. We reserve the right to make exceptions in individual cases taking into account the schedule of teachers and other students. However, if the student does not show up and does not make a formal cancellation, their account will automatically be charged for the missed class and the appropriate credits will be deducted from their account. or call 410.800.7605 you can also send a chat through our livechat in the front page of our website. ● GOTALKTO, LLC does not maintain any of  your credit card information. All transactions are made by and through third-party sites such as PayPal, Stripe, etc. ● We do not disclose your personal information to anyone unless required by law enforcement agencies or as otherwise disclosed by our Privacy Policy. ● GOTALKTO, LLC is not responsible for any damage caused by software installations of other sites or viruses when using our learning program. ● We are here to serve you, you can communicate your suggestions, comments, concerns and / or testimonies at any time. or call 410.800.7605 you can also send a chat through our livechat in the front page of our website.